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How we are Working

Toward a Sustainable Future.

For many years, commercial painting and environmental sustainability was an oxymoron. Not anymore. Each year, our first-choice products align more closely with our responsibility to leave behind a planet at least as clean and capable of supporting life as the one left to us.



Besides proper disposal of chemical waste, we have migrated almost all our product line to new technology products that drastically reduce chemical waste and do not cause an unsustainable negative impact on the environment.

Starting in early 2016, a suitable oil replacement product came to market. It is LEED compliant, water-based, low-odor, quick drying, goes directly over oil-based coatings and cleans up with water. What makes this product unique is its' suitability for interior and exterior use and application to metal surfaces. This solved our dilemma of choosing between a coating that is environmentally friendly and one that is durable.

With some exceptions, all of our primary use products meet LEED v4 NC or LEED -09 CI. This includes our most used epoxies.

A list of our preferred products and their product data sheets can be found HERE.

More information about the Green Building Council and LEED can be found here:

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