Painting the Mansard Roof

This is a picture of the mansard roof of a tall building in Atlanta, GA.

Why did it look so bad? The existing coating on the roof of this building had become heavily chalked and faded. This happened partly because of the dark green color, partly because it receives full exposure to the elements, and partly because the coating had aged.                  …

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Rooftop Cupolas

We were tasked we specifying and implementing a long term solution to protect the ferric metal structure on these cupolas. Being on the roof, they receive full exposure to sunlight and all environmental conditions. Their severely degraded condition was a result of being out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Not having renewed their protective coatings for many years left…

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Painting rocks on the roof?

picture of the roof with half painted and half before painting

‘We want to paint the rocks on the roof.” “What was that?” I said incredulously. Well, painting rocks on a roof was the strangest request we have ever received and, shockingly, the one whose outcome provided the greatest sense of awe and satisfaction! The top picture shows the partially finished project. The left side has…

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