Sky High Lobby

A leaking roof created water damaged ceilings and the need for repairs that required unique equipment.

The water leaks in the skylight and the roof of the main lobby had damaged the drywall and left water stains on the soffits in several locations. We were tasked with making the drywall repairs and repainting the repaired areas.

The access was the real challenge.

A ReachMaster FS105, self-propelled spider lift was used. This lift is narrow enough to fit through a single wide (3’x7′) opening. Talk about a tight fit! Then, with a bit of calculating, we positioned the lift where its reach would access all the damaged locations without having to be moved and releveled.

this is the 105' spider lift

105′ self-propelled lift.

this image shows the 105' MasterReach lift positioned inside the lobby.

distant view of the 105′ MasterReach lift.

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