Corridor Renovation

Interior Corridor Remodel.

Our mission was to bring this corridor into the 21st century. The wainscot had wallcovering that had been painted over. There was cheesy looking plastic chair rail, and corner guards and the doorframes were painted in a gray taupe. In the before picture, on the left wall, you can see drywall, this had to be opened to make significant plumbing repairs. These repairs, sadly, resulted in the uniquely designed wood base being destroyed or just trashed.

We remove the wallcovering, chair rail, corner guards, and prepared the walls for a new paint finish. We commissioned a custom made wood base to match the existing. The walls,  doorframes and wood base were painted in a single color with eggshell on the walls and semigloss for the trim. The drywall ceilings were painted white. Same as all our interior finishes, we used low or zero-VOC, LEED compliant materials.

New Ceiling Tiles

The last corridor item we were asked to renew was the ceiling tiles. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t room in the budget at this time to change the grid. We proposed a USG tile that was smooth and white and quite affordable. This product met all the client’s criteria.



Elevator Lobbies

We renewed three total units. The existing finishes were flat paint on the walls and ceilings, and gloss enamel on the trim. We prepared the walls for vinyl wallcovering, install a durable, commercial vinyl wallcovering, repainted the ceilings in flat white and the trim in a single color and finish in all units.

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