Painting rocks on the roof?

rocks on roof - 3

‘We want to paint the rocks on the roof.” “What was that?” I said incredulously.

Well, painting rocks on a roof was the strangest request we have ever received and, shockingly, the one whose outcome provided the greatest sense of awe and satisfaction! The top picture shows the partially finished project. The left side has been painted and looking at the right side, you can see why they wanted something done. I guess your agreement on the need to paint is dependent on knowing the view is from the owner’s suite in the adjacent new building.

What we did.

We pressure washed all surfaces prior to painting, but that had no measurable effect on the dark streaks on the roof membrane. But the painting did. We sprayed a million gallon of latex flat paint. Okay, it wasn’t a million, but man did it take a lot of material to achieve solid coverage.

Check out the results!

As you can see in the before and after pictures, the results were spectacular. I am grateful to have had such a unique opportunity in my career.

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